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Data Management

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  1. /home/<username>- each cluster user will have a home directory is on this volume with limited space of under 200GB.
  2. /data2/<labname> - a zfs pool for labs to put shared data (initial size limited is 10TB ).
  1. /data/<username> - a zfs pool of 1TB for user data.
  1. /data2/<username> - a zfs pool of 1TB for user data.

Details of the various volumes

/home is a 4.6TB space. This is the volume where your home directory is located (/home/<username>). This volume is incrementally backed up, nightly, to the Carnegie Mellon's School of Computer Science tape backup system.The size of this volume limits us to what can be stored on it. In addition, if the volume becomes 100% full, it could bring the complete cluster to a standstill. Therefore, we have enabled quotes on this volume. This means that each user will only be able to use, at maximum, predetermined amount of space. Please limit the files to smaller sized files. (e.g. configuration files, notes and documents, software development programs). I believe the quota will be in the range of 100-200GBs of space.

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