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CNBC Support Charges

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  1. Desktop Support ($2500 per user) including CrashPlan PROe per user.
  2. Cluster Access and Support ($4000 per lab)
  3. Trial Cluster Access (one time per a lab) for one year, limited to two users ($2000 per lab)
  1. Basic filespace/webpage hosting with 1TB quota total space($250/lab)
  1. CrashPlan PROe Incremental desktop file backup ONLY. ($2500/lab)
Desktop Support charges cover the following services
  • Desktop Computer Support
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  • Access to the CNBC cluster for 2 lab members for 1 year (available to labs that are new to CNBC's cluster resources - 1 time only).
  • Cluster Disk Space for file storage (within reason).
  • CNBC Help Desk support (walk-in, phone calls, and email) for the Cluster.
Basic filespace/webpage hosting with 1TB quota
  • File Server (raptor):
    • User account
    • File Server space for file storage (within reason).
    • Home-page hosting
CrashPlan PROe Incremental desktop file backup support charges cover
  • Software licenses for CrashPlan PROe for incremental desktop document backup for the members of your lab.
  • Support for the backup and recovery of computer documents for your lab.
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